Terms of Use

The website allows users to create graphical event tickers and leave their footprint on the internet. Registered users may create, edit and delete tickers and use them on the internet: e.g. on discussion boards, websites, message boards, emails. We encourage you to try it!

  1. User account.

    An Unregistered User may use the website to create and edit tickers.

    A Registered User may use the website to create, edit and delete tickers in any number and manage tickers by using a user account.

    Additionally a Registered User may upload his/her own graphics which can be used as tickers. The responsibilities of the User in this respect are described in point 7 of the Regulations.

    To register a user must submit an email address and a password, and confirm the registration by clicking on the confirmation link in the email from the registration system.

    A Registered User has the right to:
    - change the password
    - remove his account.

    A User has the right and is encouraged to post comments: ideas for graphics, categories, website functioning, etc.

    A User agrees to inform the website maintenance about any cases of hacking the User’s account or other forms of security breach.

    Registration requires users to accept the Privacy Policy and the present Terms of Use.

  2. User safety.

    The data entered by users is collected and processed solely by the owner of the website. By registering users agree to receive emails from the owner of the website.

    We protect your data from third parties.

    We will not sell, share or disclose your personally identifiable information to third parties except if A. we are required to do so pursuant to legal process, B. there is a suspicion of illegal website use by a user, C. the safety of the website or other users is endangered.

    If you choose to contact us via email, mail, fax or other way, we may save and archive the collected information (opinions, problems).

  3. Newsletter

    The Registered User agrees to receive messages to the email address entered during registration, and to the following:
    - to receive a free newsletter with information about news and changes.
    - to receive advertisements

  4. Suspension of the website.

    In the event of technical changes or other works related to the website, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend it or limit its functioning. We declare that all changes shall be user friendly.

  5. Advertising.

    We reserve the right to display advertisements, sponsored content and links to other websites. We shall not be held responsible for the activities of third parties (e.g. advertisers) towards users.

  6. Copyright.

    The website is managed by suwaczek.pl. All content on this website and especially the programming, text, graphics, logos, icons, files and other materials are copyrighted and belong to the owner of the website.

    The content of the website may be used only as intended. The tickers created on the website may be used only for non-commercial purposes.

    The materials on this website may not be copied, reproduced, modified, published, or distributed without the written consent of the owner. To use the materials on the website, especially the tickers for commercial purposes a written permission of the website owner is required.

    Violation of copyright law may result in legal action.

  7. Responsibilities of Users.

    The owners of the website shall not be held responsible for the content of files individually uploaded by users.

    All files uploaded by users must not violate the rights of third parties, especially the copyright. If such violation occurs the files individually uploaded by users will be removed from the website.

    The website administrator reserves the right to suspend and/or remove an account of a user who violates the provisions of the present Terms of Use or the Polish law.

The regulations apply to the www.tickerclub.com website and its Users immediately after publication. The current version of the regulations can be found at www.tickerclub.com.