Privacy Policy of website

Information we collect

The following information is collected: personally identifiable information during registration and non-personal identification (IP). Personal information is given voluntarily and consciously by the user. IP address is an individual number usually assigned to each computer connected to a network.

Information security.

We will not disclose your personally identifiable information to third parties. We may provide information about statistical data of the website such as the number of registered users, their countries of origin, etc. Statistics do not contain any information which would allow identification of individual users.

Use of "cookies".

Your internet browser may store text files "cookies" on your hard drive. "Cookies" contain data which are required for proper functioning of websites. "Cookies" are information written by the server on the user's computer in a file cookie.txt, which the server may re-read during the next connection from that computer.

The content of "cookie" files does not allow to identify the user. "Cookies" are not used for processing and storing personal data.